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Crimson Hill Entertainment LLC Final-133
Image by Kinson Leung


Mission Statement:

Enjoy the view from the pinnacle of production companies, Crimson Hill Entertainment! Sought by other production firms for its networking and creative output, Crimson Hill is a special firm dedicated to imbuing the film market with edgy, compelling, real life stories that entertain, inform, and affect changes in the lives of viewers.

Crimson Hill has tirelessly woven an ever-expanding tapestry of industry professionals geared towards one thing:


sharing stories. Film is our passion; production, our palette. Being a full-service company, we are there to help clients from the conception of a script idea to its commercial delivery.


While we love the art of bringing stories to life, we also look at the big picture, and understand that entertainment is a business, and ensure that none of our artist's ever starve.

We welcome visitors and inquiries, and grant unprecedented access to our treasure trove of production expertise and contacts to our clients.


Have an idea that you'd like to see on the silver screen?

Seeking investors from your pet project?

Need help with some esoteric aspect of production?

Need a shot of
creativity to cure your writer's block?

Stretch your mental legs and take a stroll up Crimson Hill. We'll see you at the top!


-Crimson Hill Entertainment was founded by Valerie Renèe, a celebrated and accomplished actress, screenwriter, producer, model, and published author.

-Crimson Hill is a collaborative, full-service company dedicated to production of quality entertainment for a market saturated with fluff. From an idea's conception to the script's birth to the delivery of the finished product, Crimson Hill is omnipresent. Expect professional and timely management of all aspects of production: screenwriting, casting, directing, film rights, and commercial distribution.

-Also produces special events, such as fundraisers and red carpet premieres.

-To continually add to the company's portfolio, increasing market presence and sales both domestically and internationally